The Breast Collar Harness

The breast collar harness or Dutch collar is quite different compared to the collar:

Hungarian Carriage align=

This harness is easily fitted, as you can adjust them quickly to the anatomy of the individual horse.
It is made out of strong, wide and well-padded a chest strap that surrounds the chest.
Attached to its both sides is a buckle, where the traces are fitted to.

In some pair harnesses the breeching can also be buckled on.
In the picture above the breeching is provided by another strong strap around the horse's neck that is fixed via a chain to the pole of the shaft.

Breast Collar Harness

The neckstrap, a thinner and also adjustable part, holds the breast piece in place.
Rein terrets are fixed onto the top of the neckstrap to lead the reins through.

Watch Out For:

It is usually not used for heavy loads, as the breast piece lies over the shoulder joints and tends to interfere with the shoulder movement.
<>Skin chafing happens easily.
Also, unless fixated with a false martingale to the girth strap, it easily can slip upwards and press on the windpipe if e.g.used for pulling loads lying on the ground.
On the other hand, it is important to fit it in a way that it is not sitting too low or directly over the shoulder joints, because skin sores would occur almost certainly.
It is widely used for pulling lighter carriages and vehicles.

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