Experience the Caravan
Gypsy Life and Nature

The probably best known caravan Gypsy wagons are represented with is the
Bow-top wagon.

The inside of a vardo is very practical and simple furnished:

  • - a bed extendable by sliding out the part underneath on the front end,

  • - plenty of large cupboards and on the back end the "kitchen"-area with a stove and water pitcher.

  • - The floor in the front half is laid out with carpet for the possibility to further bedding,

  • - the back half is wooden, as this are the entrance, kitchen and heating area.
All interior is well thought through and there is not one useless thing in it.

In our imagination we can almost "see" people traveling in a such beautifully decorated and colourful wagon,
Gypsy draft horses in front of them pulling steadily and slowly the vardo.

This is fascinating, as we imply freedom and independency with it: this could be a great adventure experience for a holiday break!

Read about this fantastic area in Switzerland, where you can spend a few days traveling with horse and vardo!

Living in a Gypsy Caravan

In Gypsy culture the wagon has been used for roughly the last 150 years only.
Especially traveler people here in the United Kingdom and Ireland lived in those horse drawn vardos with their whole family.

Beside the bow-top vardo there are other, different designs and decorations known: you can find a whole range of designs, such as Reading-, Straight-sided-, Cottage-shaped- and the Brush wagon. Have a look here.

Slow Express through Europe

Ever thought about living such an experience?
A life without all the modern gear and stress, but close to people, horse and nature.

Why not let a dream come true and do a longer horse travel journey? Just click on the picture beside, it will open a new window and takes you to a new website.

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See also:

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