Carriage Driving Equipment

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You will need proper Carriage Driving Equipment right from the start!

It is a safety issue!
OK, everyone wants to buy gear for a reasonable price and the cheaper the better.
But....the cheaper the better?...really?

In puncto carriage driving equipment ask yourself: is gear you want to buy strong, faultless and easy to maintain?

How long will a harness last?
Especially one from a very cheap supplier? Where did he save on materials or quality to be able to make it so cheap?

Is good quality gear with a guarantee (to a higher price) not the cheaper one on the long run?

Experienced whips will probably agree on the fact, that it is very tempting, indeed, to buy less expensive horse driving equipment and accessories, but they rarely last very long and you will have to buy another part after another part....and this will add up.

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You might be lucky and find the right equipment for a super reasonable price in places, like e.g. net-auctions, but it might also turn out to be a major waste of money in he end.

So, before you decide to buy, do your research, ask in specific forums about it, talk to other drivers about their experiences. It is time well invested and spent!

Essential Gear For A Carriage Driver

  • - Driving Gloves that fit very well to the whip's hand to protect his/her hands and give the right and secure grip to hold the reins even in wet conditions.

  • - A Driving Apron to protect the whip's feet from dirt, to keep him/her warm in cold weather or, if you'd like to go for dressage/pleasure competitions, it is an accessory that is part of the expected outfit.

  • - A Driving Whip because this is one of basically only three aides a driver has got to lead the horse from the vehicle.

  • - A Spares Kit to be prepared for minor repairs of harness and emergency hoof care on a turnout.

Carriage Driving Accessories

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Sparse Kit and Helmet

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