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Where can I find instructors and arrange carriage driving lessons in the UK?

There are UK-wide certified carriage driving instructors or Light Harness Horse Instructors (LHHI) available.
They are certified instructors who have completed several levels of examinations in carriage driving competence.

Find below a map of LHHI's within the United Kingdom:

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Instructors in Britain

To provide the best horse driving lessons an instructor needs to have a thorough knowledge of horse driving and everything related to it, a good driving praxis and needs to be able to teach the subject.

He/She needs to have a strength of character and must be able to lead and teach people.
The tuition should be systematic, comprehensive and show variation and he/she needs to give clear explanations suited to a pupil's level of understanding and training.

The British Driving Society has worked out examinations in carriage driving competence.
The training to become a light harness horse instructor (LHHI) has been developed to a very high standard and comprises seven levels of competence.
Besides the practical and theoretical knowledge of horse driving, they achieved also a formal teaching qualification.

There are instructors working in the UK who do not hold an LHHI certificate, but who have achieved the BDS Preliminary Teaching Exam.
Nevertheless, they are very experienced and knowledgeable instructors who are also listed on the BDS LHHI List 2008 and marked with a star.

International Horse Driving Societies

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