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Clydesdale, Strathorn Farm, Scotland

ClydesdaleDail Chluaidh - gaelic for Clydesdale is said to be the origin of this brilliant horse breed. It is one of nineteen districts in the Strathclyde region in Scotland. On the map on the right you see the rough borders of this region. (Please note, that this graphic is published under GNU Free Documentation License)
Despite of the slightly but steadily increasing numbers of this breed, it is classified as a rare breed. The Rare Breeds Survival Trust considers it as a "vulnerable" breed.

The Clydesdale in his modern appearance is slightly different compared to his ancestors from the 19th century: through well-planned, cautious use of new blood lines the hair coat contains more white hair nowadays.

Clydesdale and Shire horse have been mutually used to improve some of each other's breed characteristics: The big Scott increased in size (can reach easily over 17 hh at the whither) and got the white leg hair; The Shire breed became finer, improved skin health of the fetlocks and would develop a silkier feathering.

Clydesdale03The "Gentle Giant" has increased in height nowadays and his body is still well proportioned, showing quality. Beside all this he preserves a kind and gentle temperament, which makes him a reliable, easy to handle horse.

These versatile horses are still bred by farmers and horse enthusiasts in Scotland who have to invest heavily into this kind of hobby.
The horse does not have to "earn" its living any more with hard farm work.

Clydesdale for sale 01Interested in buying a Clydesdale? See this link for tips on Clydesdale horse for sale.

This heavy draft horse breed is used for showing and advertising for breweries and other, various businesses by pulling brewery wagons, tradesmen carts.
Also it gains more and more friends amongst horse back riders: show jumping, dressage, endurance rides, recreational riding etc.
Crossbreeds perform very well in various equestrian disciplines.

Some Scottish City Councils help to preserve the breed whilst using Clydesdale horses for PR reasons and for work within urban council departments.
This horse breed is gaining more and more interest from companies offering wedding carriage hire services to provide weddings with an impressive framework.
Like in continental Europe, where working horses in the forest industry have been re-established for a long time, the Clydesdale pays also its contribution to the protection of our environment: it is used during wood harvesting for pulling logs out of woods. It has been proved that a horse does not cause devastating damage to trees and forest grounds.

We recommend on this place warmly Strathorn Farm, Aberdeenshire in Scotland. George and Ruth Skinner are dedicated and internationally known Clydesdale breeders. They always have got a well trained Clydesdale horse for sale. The three geldings pictured on this page are examples. You can find their contact info on their homepage via the link above.

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