Driving Gloves - A Gear where Quality Meets Safety

Driving gloves are essential for equestrian driving.

The whip's only physical bonding to the horse is his hands.

A rider sitting on a horseback is physically “present” for the horse and him reins are only one of several bondings.

As a driver we cannot afford to loose our reins, awful accidents could happen.

Equestrian Driving Glove

That is why a whip needs always to have a good grip on his/her reins under dry and/or wet conditions.
This essential gear protects our hands and provides that essential firm grip we need all the time to drive safely.

This accessory is especially designed for holding reins securely: usually they are made out of soft leather or durable synthetic fabrics with enforcements between the fingers and on the palm.
For cold weather conditions they are made out of woolen fabric with a non-slip surface on fingers and palm for the extra grip.

They are a slightly wider and longer tailored than riding gloves to enable the whip’s hand finest movements very comfortably into required directions.
Quality gear does not have inner seams on surfaces touching fingers to avoid pressure, irritation and skin sores on particularly strained parts of the hand.

How can you find out which size you need?

  • Measure, how many inches wide your hand-wrist is.

  • Then add another ½ inch to it.

  • E.g. if measured 6 inches + 0.5 inches = 6.5 inches.
That is the size you would need.

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