Carriage Driving Video Instructions

Carriage Driving Video Instructions can be very helpful for novice whips, but cannot replace lessons with an experienced instructor.

Learn how to harness up correctly and how to drive horses on watching these excellent carriage driving videos from the British Driving Society. Please, keep in mind that these instructions can only help you to understand horse carriage driving -- these videos can never replace driving lessons with a certified driving instructor !

Basic Driving 1

This video shows how to harness up a pony correctly with either a breast collar or a full collar harness.

Basic Driving 2

Here harnessing up continues with the traces, saddlepad and breeching. Finally the bridle is put on.

Basic Driving 3

This video tells you about the correct fit of a Liverpool bit. It is shown how to buckle reins correctly for plain-, rough cheek or top and bottom bar. Ported Liverpool bit and a ported Army reversible bit are compared to each other. You will find explained the Eaton comprehensive spares kit - and what it consist of. Also, you can see, how a horse is being put to the vehicle and why it is important to follow the right steps. A lot of worthy tips are given and explained. A horse put to a vehicle that is too small for it in size, and another, that is too big for the horse are shown and explained, what is wrong and which points are to be looked at.

Basic Driving 4

This carriage driving video (it is cut too late from part 3, so to see the first seconds you may want to look at part 3 first) shows how to mount the vehicle correctly. It explains the balance of a two-wheeled vehicle. Basic driving is shown, how to hold the reins and whip. Basics of steering are explained, as well as a right turn, a left turn and the different possibilities to make signals. Slowing down and stopping, reining back with correct voice commands, backing up to the left and right. Please be aware, that all this takes place in left-sided traffic in the UK. Correct dismounting finishes the video instruction of this part.

Basic Driving 5

This part shows how to unharness a horse correctly. Tips on how to drive safely on the road are given.

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