Free Horse Games for Kids

Welcome to our collection of free horse games for kids. Try solving the quizzes below, but mind you, some of them can be tricky to find the answer!

There are some games where you need to have Flashplayer downloaded. Get Flashplayer here for free.

Try to name the right parts of this two-wheeled vehicle!
For a better visible version click here.

Can you solve these horse-related games?

Click on the links below to play. (Your browser will open a new window.)


This game is fun, but not really simple. Just try it.

Triple-Trouble Quiz

Let's play "hangman"! Test your knowledge with horse breeds.

Hangman Horse Breeds


An awsome (rating 10/10) free Horse Sim Game is Pony Box. Joining and creating an online account is free and very easy. There are currently three servers running (Morgan, Nokota and Paint), this link above leads to the Paint-Server.
You may sign up to be able to create your own stable and train and ride your horses. The interface is very easy to navigate and everything is well explained. You can participate in a forum, visit the photo gallery and upload your own pics if you wish.

If you like English Riding you won't want to miss this website. Check it out!! You start off with 5,000 pb ("play currency"). You first have to buy a horse and train it. 20 days after joining Ponybox, you will then be allowed to board horses, have your own crops and train other users' horses. It's free and it's fun. You can also enter your horses in trails (they are free, no pb required) and you can also enter in horse shows, which cost pb.


This website offers a lot of little and easy to play games. Best is just to try them out and see which you think is best! We have had lots of fun playing hem :))) You can solve mazes, crosswords, colour horses and test yourconcentration and knowledge of horse breeds.

Have fun here.

More Free Horse Games for Kids

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