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To be successful at competitions you need to train hard to get your horse safely enough through the parcours. The better a virtual rider you become, the speedier you can get your horse through the arena.


Show Jumping Online Game

Train for a show jumping competition! Get yourself and your horse fit for competitions and compete in different classes!


Time Travel Back to the Romans

This is an exceptionally nice horse driving game. Get the feeling to race a Roman chariot and jump over elephants and other "obstacles" !


Get Your Horse Trained for the Next Competition!

It seems to be easy... at first... but you will need to practice a few times to get fit at your keyboard to master this free horse riding game.


Horse Jumping Online Game

You will have to ride your horse over the obstacles in the right sequence and with a good speed. Pick up apples and other bonuses on the race track while passing by. And all this in a side saddle.


Show Jumping

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Horse Escape!

Charger Escape

Click the thumbnail to play this game.
0845 Numbers, 0870 Numbers and 0800 Numbers for your Business.

If you also like to play on your video console or nintendo at home, you might want to have a glance on these riding horse game videos and horse nintendo games we found for sale to an affordable price. Have a look and also click on the link "see all items" on the bottom left of the box below.


More Horse Games

You might even find the playstation, video or nintendo horse game you always wanted! Please note, a new window will open in your browser, if you click onto a link in the box.

Find more free virtual horse games on this website here!


More Games

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