Free Online Horse Games

There are countless free online horse games available in the net... you can choose between certain types of online games:

  • SIM or Simulator horse games, where you can ride, race, breed, buy and sell horses, work in equestrian jobs, take exams, own and manage your own stable or equestrian centre, etc. Virtually everything related to the horse industry is possible. See here for free horse riding games you can play online!

  • Or, if you prefer the exciting life of a jockey, try this selection of free horse racing games! You will like them.

  • In RPG or Role Playing Games participants take on fictional characters and follow or create stories. Players can determine how their character acts and plays according to game rules or guidelines. See here for Free Horse Stable Games.

  • MPG or Multiplayer games let more than one player play at the same time. Players can team up and play in an environment and solve challenges together (player versus environment, PVE) or players compete against others (player versus player, PVP).

Players of any age can find and play a virtual horse game that suits her/his personal preferences!
You will find games for kids, for teens and for mature players, with forums or without.

How To Start an Online Horse Game?

Usually you need to register with an e-mail address and a nick name or apply for a free membership.
Some game admins are pretty picky and will not accept everyone - but don't take this personal! Those games have become very popular and they want to ensure that their members take really actively part in the game for a while.

Some free online horse games offer a basic free membership for unlimited time, which might be upgraded to paid premium memberships once you have become familiar with the games and want to enjoy more advanced "benefits". The decision is entirely yours.

How to play then?

Online SIM horse games are often about riding or racing horses.
You will be able to pre select different features and ride, e.g. through a show jumping parcours.
Like in a real competition you need to finish in a set time frame...which can be quite a challenge.

Another sort of SIM is to breed, keep and care for virtual horses, to manage a stable or another equestrian business, to work in an equestrian job and advance to higher levels in "sitting" exams about equestrian knowledge.

We found here a nice, virtual horse that follows your cursor, can be brushed and be fed an apple (click on "more"). Try it and have fun!

See here for more horse games

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