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Friesian Horse Pictures - Gallery of Black Beauties

Friesian horse pictures are simply beautiful!

Enjoy photographs about the "Black Pearls of Friesland".

Friesians are often called "Belgian Blacks" according to their coat colour.They are stunning beauties on photographs and pictures: their exterieur, expressive faces and the overall "right" proportions give us the idea of the "perfect" horse.

Photo courtesy of Michelle Neuland. All rights reserved.

Especially Friesian stallions with their muscular forms and therefor well filled bodycurves perform in photography and art well. This is one reason for their use in movies!

These two photos show Jouke from Stonecreek Friesians.
Both pictures are with kind permission from (c)www.stonecreekfriesian.com. All rights reserved.

Friesian horse

friesian horse picture02 friesian horse picture05
Photo www.123rf.com (c)2008 www.discover-horse-carriage-driving.com*


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* Copyright (c) 2013 www.discover-horse-carriage-driving.com.