Friesian Horses are Becoming More and More Popular for Driving and Riding

The Friesian horse is a powerful, impressive animal "made" for all aspects of equestrian sport disciplines and recreation.
People like it due to its appearance and its good temperament. Its origin lies in Friesland, a province in the North of the Netherlands. Read more detailed information about these wonderful horses here.

Friesian stallion Photo: Martha Schwer

In the Middle Age its ancestors were used as war horses.

They had the ability to carry a knight in full armor, which was quite a heavy load.
In the late Middle Age was a demand for the heavier draft type that could deal with heavy farmwork.
The breed was almost endangered to disappear, but luckily this horse breed is becoming more and more popular as a driving and riding horse.

This horse breed’s popularity is based on its admirable character:

  • it is docile
  • has got a cheerful temperament
  • is willing to learn and work.

Owners will tell you that even if there is only little time to practise and learn new things, a Friesian learns and remembers easily and even after weeks has still not forgotten about it.
Even the novice driver or rider can handle this horse without risk.

It is a very economical feeder which will keep its condition even on rather poor rations for a while. This is because it was originally bred on sandy soils and the meadow-district of the Northern part of the Netherlands.

Trimming of mane or tail docking is not tolerated at all in this breed. The Friesian Stud Book (FPS) would bar registration. This is certainly a big plus on Animal Welfare!

Stallions and mares have to comply with a high standard of pedigree and breed- conformation before being entered into the FPS.
Very important is the purity of the breed and after a special inspection they are submitted to a thorough and strict veterinary examination.

During the 1930ies and 1940ies breeding was intensified as there was a great demand for fuel-independent pulling force.
Through the efficient stud book management and the then present excellent horse material they could increase its population to a large, very pure bred, mentally and bodily healthy gene-pool of top quality horses.

The "Black Pearls" are versatile, quality driving and dressage horses and due to their impressive appearance popular all over the world.

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