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Library of Horse Articles

Find articles that cover horse health and -care issues and are related to topics about the driving horse

Many horse articles tell you how to groom and feed the horse and how to look after him properly. You can find tips on general horse care and more specific horse health problems and about the physical, nutritional and behavioural needs of horses.

However, specific information for the driving horse and how to care for it seems to be less popular, as one has to research more intensively to find good information. Antique equine books from the 19th - beginning 20th century cover specific problems of carriage horses usually quite well. Combined with modern equine medicine they make worthy resources.

On this page you will find a young library about horse articles around everything equestrian.

The link below will redirect you to a helpful article that will help to get you an orientation on where to start your horse driving training:

Article The Beginner Driver - How to learn to drive safely

Monday Morning disease or "tying up" is feared a lot by horse owners. Read details in this article by Beth A. Valentine, DVM, PhD about the muscle disease called scientifically "Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy" that affects almost two-thirds of draft horse breeds.

Take a look onto this new online application:


They explain on their website all about it. Registration is free, also use of this online tool: "What is Rendaivu? Rendaivu is a free online application that allows equine enthusiasts and professionals to manage horse records, financials, organization activities, scheduling, and much more."

Read here about a "petrol-less" phantasy: If We Lived in a Horse-Drawn World By David on August 31, 2007

Quite interesting thoughts and warm humor:)))

The Merck Veterinary Manual is online! This is an excellent reference library of content about most fields and disciplines in veterinary medicine. If you want to know more about a disease or condition of your horse, have a look into he manual. Just keep in mind that it cannot replace your vet and his/her advice.

Here is a remarkable website that explains all about body-language of horses. A must-read to understand the basics of communication with your horse!

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