Tips on Choosing a Horse Carriage or a Horse Drawn Vehicle

horse carriage

What type of horse carriage driving do you  persue: is it "just" for pleasure and recreation? Or do you plan competitive driving later on?

Do you fancy a two-wheeled or a four-wheeled vehicle?

There are so many different types of horse-drawn vehicles around that finding the right one is really a major task.

Choosing the horse carriage that meets your and your horses needs can be time consuming and often cause frustration.

A beginner is better off with a two-wheeler: it is easier to handle and safer to drive. See here an article about jacknifing a carriage.

It is essential that it fits your four legged friend well and that you feel good and relaxed on it.

Make sure you sit "tall", upright, but relaxed.
Your arms should be in a comfortable position and you should not need to lift your hands/arms to hold the reins correctly.
If you realize you have to lift them or hold them even just slightly in position, you need to adjust the seat or choose altogeher another, more suitable horse carriage. A relaxed, comfortable position prevents muscle cramping, painful arms, shoulders and back.
There is nothing worse than ending up with bodyparts in pain.

Sitting slightly "above" the horse is better. You will have a better overall vision on what is just in front of the horse going on, you will see other traffic coming towards you or right in front of you. If you notice that you sit "below, behind" your horse, you should consider a cart on which you sit in a higher position. This is safer when driving and you also can sit in a relaxed position on it.

When buying a two-wheeled vehicle aim for a well balanced vehicle. Learn more about balance here..

Carts can be tailor-made for human and equine. Find a good craftsman and let him show you the difference.

You will be amazed!

This option is the expensive one, but driving equipment made for you lasts usually for a lifetime.

You can also buy second hand. This is probably the option for most of us. In that case, have always somebody knowledgeable and experienced with you, as many things need to be looked at and hidden damages should be detected.

Disastrous accidents can happen, if you don't know about a possible material weakness.

In every case you will need an exercise vehicle that you drive on an every day basis to train the animal and keep it fit.

If you consider driving competitions at one stage, you certainly will need more than one cart: In Presentation and Dressage classes it needs to be absolutely clean, polished and shiny, without any scratches. Therefor almost everyone who competes has got one for exercising and another one for showing.

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