Horse Insurance Quote

Getting a horse insurance quote is the first step in the policy-buying process. It is a relatively straight forward, uncomplicated process, which can be done easily online. More and more insurance companies offer this service nowadays. By filling out a form and submitting your information to them, they e-mail you the requested quote.

Horse Insurance Quote

The agent will be able to find the best cover for your requirements and the more detailed the information you send is, the better the policy will be tailored to your needs.

People seem to look primarily for the lowest price. Professionals advise to give the horse insurance specialist of your choice a phone call, once you got an online quote: the cheapest policy may be a good cover, but a chat can give reassurance that you really get the best policy for your individual needs. This can save you later a lot of trouble, disappointment and money. You get the chance to clarify facts and hidden "insurance language problems" most of us non-professionals would simply overlook.

After you decided what policy to buy, you can usually download application and health statement forms. This is probably all you need for a horse worth less than £7.500 or $25.000. For horses worth more than this or with an already existing medical condition or a horse you want to purchase and you don’t know at all or not well enough, you will probably have to provide a veterinary certificate.

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