Horse Insurance Specialist

Why a horse insurance specialist? Well …

Buying a horse with all the equipment and the ongoing cost of keeping and maintaining it is a major investment. Most people want to protect their investment, this is just natural.

Finding the right insurance for your requirements can be rather time consuming. Best would be to let a professional help you.

You will certainly do your search in the internet. With other insurances we buy is this a very convenient way and often you get a nice discount, when buying online.
You will find that there are a lot of different policies available and you might feel soon overwhelmed working through available offers: mortality, loss of use, vet fees, catastrophic vet fees, equipment and horse tack, public liability, theft and straying, horse trailer insurance, horse drawn vehicle insurance…

And for owners of equine enterprises even more cover options can meet their enhanced requirements: breeding stock, pre-foaling insurance, trainer-liability, international transport, property insurance, liability for farm owners…

An insurance cover can be purchased as one comprehensive policy or out of separate policies as a tailor-made insurance cover that suits your personal requirements.

Finding the ideal solution can be pretty time consuming, confusing and may be in the end frustrating. Usually people end up to get quotes from different companies, compare them and buy the cheapest policy. When in need of their policy, they may discover that important facts have been simply overlooked and they are not covered for all eventualities.

To avoid bad surprises a horse insurance specialist will help to get the best policy-option for your requirements. S/he can explain you what stands behind a policy’s wording and can answer all your questions. And you should ask a lot of questions and as detailed as possible to make sure you get the best cover.

An extremely important fact is that s/he should be experienced with horses, no matter how well specialized or professionally qualified s/he is.

A horse insurance specialist can own or work for an insurance company or work as a sole broker. There are insurers who concentrate solely on horse insurance products and others provide this speciality amongst their broad spectrum of commercial policies.

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