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This is one of The Horse shows and Events in Scotland:

Scottish Borders Festival of the Horse: Events

Highlights include
  • horse logging demonstrations
  • magic performances of Les Amis D'Onno - featuring beautiful Friesian horses and a cheeky Fjord pony.
  • new events are: TREC and a talk by well-known writer and producer Alistair Moffat.
  • the Grand Competition Day
  • the opportunity to see "gentle giants" at Singlie Farm
The Borders Festival of the Horse is organised byThe British Horse Society Borders Committee.Visit the website here and explore under "Events" the most recent shows on their homepage. They also let you download a free pdf file with all current calendar dates of the horse shows.

25th Aberdeen City Clydesdale Show 2007

The best-known horse event in North-East Scotland took place on Saturday 25th of August 2007. The well-known Clydesdale Horseshow celebrated its 25th anniversary in Duthie Park, Aberdeen, Scotland.
The event was well supported by the public. It is a very popular event in North-Eastern Scotland and competitors and spectators usually travel from across Scotland to attend.
A particular nice, sunny weather at Duthie Park attracted even more folks. There have been ridden classes and show-harness classes.

Have a look on the video below, my remix of a film created by "honey" at Jumpcut.com. It will take a few seconds to load, but it is worth waiting for it :)

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