Just a dream?

by Stephanie Lally

Pony rides,drooling out driving by pastures, watching people ride their horses, wishing it was me. That's how I was, until finally my parents started letting me take riding lessons. After about two years with our trainer we were ready to get our own horse. Unfortunately, our barn was full, so we had to seperate and go to a new barn.

I got my first pony, Callie. Pretty little Quarterhorse mare. 14.3hh, not trained very much. But through the course of a summer I got her doing w/t/c, jumps, roads, trails,... you name it.
We went through 2 barns and finally got to go back to my first one where I learend almost everything I knew.
Unfortunately, I've grown out of Callie skill wise and needed a new horse. My trainer told me I could keep her, but she said I would be better off getting a new one. I was devestated. My first horse, having her for 6 months and now leaving me.

My trainer said I could ride a horse there named Flower, until we find myself a new one. Flower did everything, dressage, jumping, flying leads, and is totally bombproof.

Never in my life had I dreamed of ever owning a horse, or even getting to ride a horse like this. Until one night my trainer called and said, as a suggestion, that if we wanted we could buy Flower.
I immediately got excited, as any aspiring horse person, but then settled down as I realized, that it may not happen. About two nights later as I was finishing up my ride my parents came in and told me they just signed the papers, and Flower was ours!
I was so happy I hugged flower and had a smile on all night. Flower will take me so far in my riding carreer, and I hope to have her for a very long time!

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Just a dream?

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Oct 23, 2010
I could cry for you
by: Anonymous

OOOOH my god i wish that was me you sound like you were sooo happy!

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