Light Driving Horse Breeds --- Their Main Characteristic is Versatility

Light driving horse breeds include e.g. ponies, Miniature horses, small horses, light draft horses, warmbloods, Arabian and Standardbreds, Thoroughbreds, etc. These horse types are usually used to pull carts, light carriages, marathon carriages, sleighs and lighter agricultural vehicles and machines. These horses make wonderful companions and are very versatile. They can be used for both, driving and riding.

light driving horse breeds

Breeds like Haflinger, the Norwegian Fjord horse, the Welsh pony etc., are amongst the most popular breeds used for the driving sport in Europe.
Miniature horses, Shetland- and Welsh ponies are superb for showing, pleasure and recreational activities. Especially Miniature horses are becoming more and more popular.

Wuerttemberger, Oldenburger, Holsteiner, Hannoverians and the Dutch Warmblood are well known examples of warmblood breeds in continental Europe.
After WW II breeders began to cross in Thoroughbred or Arabian blood.
They created a sportier and lighter equine, which performs better on show events.
Therefor they are mainly used for showjumping, dressage and competitive driving, where you need an excellent performing horse.

With the expansion of the European Union, people discover Eastern European breeds for their hobby:
Silesian and Lithuanian warmblood, Noniusz, Huczule and many more.
People have been using them ever since for carriage driving and agricultural work on an every-day-base and would not necessarily crossbreed them with thoroughbreds to create high performing sportmachines. And... a lower price makes them even for a smaller budget affordable.

More and more enthusiasts discover the older carossier-form of warmblood breeds.
This is very positive, as they keep traditions alive and prevent certain breeds from disappearing.

Luckily there are still small gene-pools left:
Light driving horse breeds like the Rottaler, the Old Wuerttemberger, the carrossier type of the Oldenburger horse and the Bavarian Warmblood could survive.
There are even small grants available for breeding those rare breeds.

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