My Horse Story

by Megan B.
(Colorado Springs, CO)

It all started out at night: something chased my horse through the pasture fence. She never went out to pasture before and there are coyotes by our house.
Going on whith the story....So, the next morning I woke up. My eyes were still slightly closed, but my mom was talking to someone on the phone. I said: "Mom, who are you talking to?" She said she was talking to the vet.
She said: "There is an injured horse in my pasture, but I don't know which one."
The vet said they would come over as soon as they can. It took the vet only 8 minutes to get to our house in Peyton! Me and my mom were out together in the pasture.
The horse was bleeding very, very badly and my mom said I should go inside. They had to stitch and look after the wounds and the horse would not go into the horse trailer, because it was scared to leave me.
My horse finally got in, but shook the trailer. It had to be transported to the vet clinic.
My horse needed to stay a fortnight before she could come home again. It was a lot better, but the wounds needed more time to heal up totally.

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