My Little Stryder

by Breanna B.
(Peyton,CO U.S,A)

This is Stryder

This is Stryder

One day I was coming home from my dad's house to go to my mom's. When I got home my mom took me out to our barn and there right in front of me...

...was my very own horse standing and looking at me. This was one of the most precious things in my life, because we adopted it from the vet.

Stryder was beaten, starved, and neglected.
After a few weeks he put weight on and then he was kind of ridable, but not really.

After a few more weeks my mom told me that we had to get rid of him, because he was not ridable and we needed some money.

I cried for a long time, because he has become part of our family and I didn't want him to feel like we didn't love him.
So, after trying to find someone who has always wanted a horse, we found somebody suitable just two weeks after deciding to rehome him.

This young lady always wished to be a horse owner and we decided to give her Stryder.

Up to this day, I still wish he could be part of our family.

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