My Saddest Day Ever

by Taylor

One day on a weekend my Dad went to feed our horses.
When he came back my Mom and my Dad had a talk.
I knew for a fact that something bad had happened.
My Mom came out to get me. She came out crying the saddest I had ever seen her.

She told me that one of my horses had to be put down.
Well, we all knew he had a hurt leg and he was very old.

So I asked my Dad, if we could say good-bye to my horse.
We did together with my ant who came to get my yonger sister.

I said my good-bye and took some pictures.
I promised myself that I will never forget this day ever again!


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My Saddest Day Ever

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Oct 16, 2011
I know its hard
by: Anonymous

awww, bless you its very sad when a horse has to be put down or any animal for that matter...
im so sorry...

Oct 24, 2010
Thats so sad
by: Camryn

Thats so sad because I remember when my cousin's horse was put down becauseit was bit by some snake.I am very sorry for you.

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