Natural Wormer -- Gentle Alternative?

There are more and more natural wormer for horses on the horse health market available. A few products seem to work, but results are evidence based and have not always undergone thorough research and clinical approvement. Though, a lot of horse owners state it would work.

Keep in mind that those products are working though, but only in combination of a very careful and thorough deworming program. This includes a regular wormegg count of faeces samples of every horse on the premises and an effective environment management. Additional blood sampling will give results about presence of worms in the intestines.

Also, if this worming program will be used for the first time and/or new horses come onto the premises a frequent dosing during the first weeks/months will be required.

Although natural wormer is significantly cheaper than allopathic (chemical) products, you will find that an effective management and initial treatment is an investment. Once it is up and runs well, you might find it cheaper on the long term. If one of the above mentioned factors is being neglected, worms will soon be present again.

Bear in mind that not all of those natural worming products are scientifically tested and might not be effective enough for some worm species. Natural wormer based on homeopathic or herbal ingredients can cause sometimes few or minor side effects.

But they are not harmless: They still have to be treated as medicine. You need to know that homeopathic and herbal treatments can occasionally cause heavy side effects.

Best is to consult a veterinarian who specializes in alternative and horse medicine. That way you will find a safe treatment for your horse's individual needs.

Natural products are not killing adult worms, larvae or worm eggs; they are just creating an environment in the equine digestive tract to make it uncomfortable and unattractive for worms. You will understand that larvae and worm eggs are not influenced by the product. Only, if they also mature to an adult worm, they will probably prefer to "leave".

We have found a product called "Multi-Worm" that seems to get satisfying results. The company says that currently about 9000 horses are on a program with this wormer. This is quite a significant number of equines so that worming results become representative.


There are a lot of alternative worming products on the market and descriptions do promise a lot. Before buying a product try to contact sales departments, get more information by consulting a vet interested in alternative veterinary medicine, reading fact sheets and try to find people who use it and can share their hands-on experience.

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