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The Norwegian Fjord Horse is Extremely Versatile and Ideal for Driving.

The Norwegian Fjord horse is one of the oldest and purest breeds in the world.

Pair of Norwegian Fjord Horses from Burrishof in Germany


It originates from the Norwegian mountains in the Western part of Norway. The ancestor of this horse migrated to Norway probably about 4000 years ago and was then domesticated. This breed was possibly selectively bred for approximately 2000 years.

Breed characteristics:

Although it is called "horse" in Norway, it is classified as a pony. Its height reaches from 13.2 - 14.2 h.h and it weighs about 400 - 550 kg.

The Fjord Horse is a very versatile, short and very strong breed.

The neck is short and strong and the body compact and muscular. It has got sound feet and hard hooves. All this enables it to pull even heavy loads.

The haircoat colour is dun in different variations. Mostly they are brown dun, but there is grey dun, red and white dun and the very rare yellow dun.

They have got brown marks over the eyes, cheeks and thighs. Ears are dark outlined with dark tips. On the legs is some feathering and sometimes zebra-like dark stripes, too. A unique detail is the full length dorsal stripe that spreads from pole to tail. The mane is thick, long and heavy and black in the middle and white on both sides. Usually the mane is clipped short to about 5 - 10 cm. This underlines the strong neck and is easier to groom.

The Fjord horse has got a mild temperament and is a very reliable animal and is therefor an ideal partner for driving.


The Norwegian Fjord Horse is strong enough for heavy work. On the other side it is light and fast enough to make a good horse for driving and riding.

Nowadays it is also used for therapeutic riding for children and disabled people due to its relatively small size and gentle temperament.

It is a very good performing show jumping and dressage horse.

And it makes a very good driving horse used in competitions, for pleasure and for tourist transport.

Places I would like to recommend for people wanting to get "hands on" or purchase a Fjord:

In the USA:
Willows Edge Farm in Bothell, WA.

In Germany:
Burrishof, Frickenhausen/ Baden-Wuerttemberg

Need a special "Fjordi"-gift for a special friend? Have a look on this highly interesting website, Your Guide to Gifts for Horse Lovers.com!

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