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Santa Claus Reindeer and the Sleigh

Santa Sled

Santa and Reindeer

Every year around Christmas time, we face "Santa Claus reindeer" and reindeer sledges in various forms and almost on every corner. His original location is in Finland near Rovaniemi village at the Arctic Circle. There you can find the probably most famous post-office in the world, a shop with everything Santa and other attractions, like Mrs. Roosevelt’s wooden cabin.

You might also be interested in a sleigh ride in the arctic landscape...

Reindeer 1 Reindeer 2 Reindeer 3
Reindeer Reindeer herd Reindeer herd 2

Curious about how to drive with reindeer?

Well, it is a bit different from driving horses, I guess. The harness is less complicated and there are not always shafts in use.

Reindeer Sled
Reindeer Sled
They use a neck belt and a belly belt. The traces are fixed to the belt around the neck, hold up by a saddle pad around the abdomen and lead and fixated to the sleigh. Steering seems to be more a case of luck and the fact that there is not a lot of other traffic..., but somehow they manage well.

The Nenets on Yamal Peninsula in North-Western Siberia put 4 - 5 reindeers to one sleigh. Shafts are not used at all. The driver has got a long pole and a single rein to the near sided animal to steer with and keep the animals in the wished direction.

It looks rather adventurous, if they speed along the race track!

Have a look yourself on this video!

Seeing this, it is easy to understand, where the belief, the Santa Claus' reindeer sleigh can fly through the sky, has got its roots from :)))))

Build your own little paper craft Santa sleigh (or another feature). It's free! (Please, scroll down to the bottom third of that page, straight to the Christmas section.)

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