Spares Kit

A well-equipped spares kit should always be carried in a horse-drawn vehicle.
Horse driving involves like every equestrian sport a rather high risk of accidents.

It does not have to be always the worst case scenario: a broken trace, hame-strap, breeching strap etc. can occur anytime and, if you are not able to repair it then and there, you might have a long walk home ahead.

In former times, when horse driven vehicles were part of the public every- day- life was a saying that a whip should always carry "a knife, a shilling and a piece of string" to be able to care for hooves and repair broken equipment out there himself.

Even today it is a wise idea to carry a bag or container in your vehicle that contains essentials for emergency hoof-care and common repairs on harness parts.

Below is a suggestion of the content of a sparse kit.
Of course, it can be altered depending on your horse's and equipment's individual needs.
Make sure that all harness spares are in the correct size and are suitable on your vehicle you will use:

  • Hoof pick
  • Hoof knife
  • Horse shoe nails
  • Hammer-Screwdriver combination
  • Buffer

  • Hole punch
  • Pliers
  • Leather thonging or wire

  • Lead rope and halter

  • Rein splice
  • Trace splice
  • Breeching strap
  • Hame strap

  • Horseman's or pocket knife (sharp)
  • Candels and matches for lamps
  • Torch

  • Adjustable wheel wrench

  • Change for phone or mobile phone

  • Bandages and a desinfectant

See here for some examples of containers: The manufacturer can even make a spares kit for individual reqiurements! (Please note, their website is being updated at the moment.)

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