by Ashleigh
(Evart, Michigan)



Truman is a Fresian and he loves to have me ride him bareback!!
We also breed with him and all of his foals have had 0% white.
My mom bought Truman for my eighth birthday and when I saw him it was like "friendship" at first sight!
He loves to run around in the pasture with his 60 other horse friends!!
He is great in dressage and I always ride him in parades.
He does great and we get some parents and kids come up to pet Truman at the end of a parade.
He can also bow and knows a lot of other English riding tricks. I ride him Western, too.

Thanks for reading ALL ABOUT TRUMAN!

Hello Ashleigh!

Thank you very much for your nice story and picture about Truman, your Friesian!

Ellen, webmaster

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Dec 11, 2010
by: Appallonia

Your horse Truman is gorgeous. He sounds really smart too. Beauty and brains. You're a lucky girl and he's a lucky horse.

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