Two-wheeled Vehicles -- Popular and Handy

Traditional two-wheeled vehicles can look rather "chic", especially if these vehicles are built of oak or mahagony and varnished. They are usually used with a single horse or a pair.

Watch out for a well-built and balanced two-wheeled vehicle, if you fancy to buy one.
It needs to be correctly built, so that its balanced out ok if the driver and a passenger (or passengers) sit on it.
It should have ample springing, otherwise riding the trap can become unpleasant, and the seat needs to have back- and siderails to ensure a secure sitting.


come in different sizes and shapes.
The two seats are forward facing but cannot be altered for- or backward to achieve the right balance.
So its correct build is important to avoid shaft heavy or shaft light states.
Also it must fit horse and driver.

Gig types are uually named after body shape or outline:
Spider Gig and Skeleton Gig appear light in outline.
Round backed and Well Bottom Gigs and Bucket seat Gigs all show a distinct bodyshape.
The Tilbury Gig is named after the carriage builder. A famous and elegant Gig, the Stanhope Gig once was designed for Lord Stanhope.


are traditional country vehicles.

There is the Governess cart, which is actually ideal for taking children out for a drive:
they can mount and descent from the back and do not fall out.

However, a disadvantage is the slightly sidewise position the is seated in.
If the horse pulls, the driver cannot perform proper support with his feet.
And then climbing out of it while holding the reins and keeping a pulling horse under control is not safe.

Two-wheeled Dog Cart

This a carriage with a back to back seating for four people. For the rear passengers is an adjustable footrest, the tail board.
The space underneath the seat has got slatted sides and animals (dogs, poultry...) can be transported in it. It is built out of oak or mahagony and varnished and can look really elegant. Often it is also painted.

The Norfolk Cart

is another one- axled vehicle and similar to the Dog Cart.
The seats are facing back to back and four people can travel on it.
The bodytop is also suitable for transporting small animals and building material is the same as described above.

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