Virtual Horse Games for You

Horse riding or racing can be huge fun playing virtual horse games online or offline downloaded on your PC. You just load the game of your choice and after reading the instructions you are off to start “riding”. You need to develop skills, if you want to manage riding virtually over an obstacle parcours. Mastering online competitions with other “riders” can be very challenging. See here for a collection of riding or here for racing games.

Horse SIM games are different: some of them require longer preparation, at the start you need to develop your knowledge, build a reputation as a rider, breeder or boss of a whole ranch. This can be done over a certain time only. Some game communities let you climb the ladder of success only slowly, so your knowledge can grow steadily. Here we tried to list the best equestrian SIM games that can be played online.

Especially for children we tried to collect nice, kid-friendly programs. Some virtual horse games have been created by us ( quizzes and very nicejigsaws) and they have been tested by us and our own kids and their friends. Some of these games require certain knowledge about everything equine and equestrian, but playing them a few times will help to master them. To play most of them you will require Adobe Flashplayer, download it for free here.

Have you got favourite horse games you would like others to know about to play? Tell us about them and share it with the world!

Ideas to write about:

  • Name of the game, is it real or virtual?
  • How many players can take part on it?
  • What needs to be done to win?
  • Describe exactly how to play it!
  • Would you recommend it to your friends?

My Favourite Horse Game

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The Ultimate Horse Game  Not rated yet
The Ultimate Horse Game is were you buy a horse,pony or draft.
You can choose from many different breeds.

From there on, you take care of it till ...

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