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Wedding Horse Carriage --
A Traditional Wedding Transportation

Horse Drawn Wedding Carriages - Have you thought about the possibility?

A traditional transportation for this event is a horse drawn vehicle.A wedding horse carriage looks simply fabulous, especially if it is nicely decorated.

It is this particular feeling for bride and groom you will never forget:

You sit in this wedding cart and the horses pull the vehicle to where your wedding takes place. You will calm down, because a carriage ride is in a slower pace, plenty of fresh air is around you and the horses' movement will have a calming effect on body and soul. If you arrive at the place of the event, you will feel ready for your special day!

What horse carriage should be chosen for a wedding?

There are so many carriage designs available! Most people hire an open landau with hood for the case of cases, pulled by a matching pair of horses. Smaller carts look smarter with a single horse. The seating is in some carts for groom and bride only.
Carriages with a vis-a-vis seating can transport the wedding pair and two or three flower children. See here for more about Wedding horse carriage hire.People like white vehicles with plenty of wedding floral decoration.

Usually the decoration will be done professionally by a florist or the company or person who hires out the vehicle.But do tell them about your imaginations, your particular theme or what you rather would not like.

Inquire about the horses (temperament, breed, if they use a single horse or a pair, the color) and let them show you the harness. It should be the best tack, shiny and tidy. Very elegant is a bent collar harness.

Test, if the vehicle can easily be mounted and descended by a bride in even a wide and "complicated" wedding dress or fragile shoes.

I forgot completely, that hopping down from our Hungarian hunting carriage in a wire-framed skirt dress and in high heeled shoes was almost the end of such a dress and my ankles....well I somehow managed to dismount with plenty of help, but not in a very elegant style.

If you own a horse cart and a horse, you really should consider using them. You will always remembering it. Just remember to have somebody who will tidy up horse, harness and carriage and decorate everything, so you don't have to worry about this as well. (You will have enough to worry about...)

How can you make your own wedding decoration?

In this place I would like to recommend a special website about wedding and floral decoration. Have a look there to get a nice wedding decoration idea for your special day!

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