Winter Driving Conditions -- How do they affect your driving routine?

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Winter driving conditions can be rather challenging at times when temperatures decrease and everything is covered with snow and ice.
Special preparations and safety tips on horse driving are gathered together on this page.

Keeping a horse fit during winter is often a problem:
hours in day light are becoming rare and the weather conditions are not really helping to pull you out of a cozy room.
Therefore training often hibernates during winter time.
Spring is then again the time of greater activity, but you will have to start all over again....and a horse's mind and body will also have to remember.

Driving in winter can be much fun, too!

Have you ever wondered how to drive with rein deer?
Have a look here!

And why is a Russian sled, the troika sled, the vehicle which enabled the Russians to conquer a whole continent?

An unforgettable event is certainly to take the family out on a sleigh ride through a beautiful winter scenery!
Driving with sledges or vehicles on runners in this case are best on roads or tracks covered with dry and powdered snow.

Or feel the challenge of a new sport and start equestrian ski-joring.
This is ultimate fun and will probably give you (and your horse) an adrenaline-kick.

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