Your Best Horse Games for Kids

You shared here the best horse games for kids you can play in your pony club or online!


Would you like to have even more fun driving or riding your horse or pony?
Let us know about your favourite game, how you play it in your area/country and read stories about other's experience.

Have you been playing a new game you didn't know about just recently? How easy is it to play? What is the aim of it? Do you think other horse crazy kids could enjoy it? Or have you been playing in your summer pony club camp this year with your pals an interesting game?

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Egg Spoon Relay Race starstarstarstarstar
Divide up into teams, there needs to be 2 or more teams with at least 2 people on a team.

Each rider gets a spoon and each team gets one egg.
One ...

A Virtual Horse (AVH) starstarstarstarstar
I know most people like to play horse role playing games, but although AVH is a sim game, you could play it for years without getting bored!

You can ...

Horse Isle starstarstarstarstar
Horse Isle is a fantastic game to learn new things about horses and meet new people.
You do quests for (play)-money, and with that money you can buy ...

Howrse  starstarstarstar
Okay, Howrse is a free, online horse breeding, competing and care-taking game. On Howrse you can do pretty much anything that you would with a real horse....

Simon Says Trot  Not rated yet
Just like normal "Simon Says..." but on horses.

Get a few people and their horses and choose one to be Simon. Then Simon says what she/he wants the ...

Club Pony Pals  Not rated yet
Club Pony Pals is an online game where you get to groom your horse, ride out and also eat from the vending machine.

To groom you go into your stable ...

Canter Game  Not rated yet
This game is called "Canter Game".
The aim is to canter your horse for a set, short time.

Two rider canter their horses one behind the other canter ...

Horses and Chairs  Not rated yet
This game is pretty much the same as musical chairs, but on horses.

You are either walking, trotting or cantering your horse or pony in circles around ...

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