The Driving Apron - Accessory That Protects

Driving Apron - Essential or Unnecessary Gear?

Part of a horse driver's equipment is a driving apron or skirt.

This is actually not required when driving for recreation, but it will be, if ambitions have grown into the direction of attending competitions.

It is an equipment to protect a driver's trousers or skirt and legs from becoming soiled.
An apron is worn over the normal clothing.

It reaches from 3 - 4" above the waist to below the knees or half-way between knees and ankles or in full length to the ankle.
Strong and easy to undo fixation is ensured with a buckle or strong Velcro.

An apron prevents the ends of the reins from falling between the drivers legs and feet, which could cause tangling around them and is potentially dangerous.

The apron may be a simple, small, woolen blanket folded securely to the right size.
There are custom made or extra tailored aprons available: even stable-logo embroidered aprons or personalized aprons can be purchased.
These look really smart.
For carriage driving competitions should the color tone in with the vehicle's and seat cushions' color.

Where to Buy an Apron?

Companies that specialize in carriage driving equipment have got usually high quality aprons in their product range, too.
The most convenient form of finding an apron is on line:
all necessary measurements are easily taken (measure waist over clothing and required length) and with the help of photos of aprons you will surely find a good one.

What Material is Best?

This depends on your personal preferences and requirements:

Thick, woolen driving aprons or thick drill fabrics are keeping your legs warm on colder days. 

Thinner materials, like waxed cotton, are good for wet and rainy weather, but will not be very warm.
Waxed cotton cannot be washed out in the washing machine, otherwise the protecting wax layer has to be renewed.
It is usually washed down with a sponge and clear water or special cleaning products.

Modern fabrics which are waterproof, breathable, insulating and quite thin are very comfortable to wear and easy to clean.

Leather aprons should be made out of very soft and pliable leather.
A disadvantage is the more intensive care this material requires.

There are reversible aprons available with a solid and a plaid side.

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