Play a Free Horse Racing Game Online

Find your favorite free horse racing game right here on this page.

We have had so much fun creating this list, because we tried out every game ourselves.

Some horse racing games need to load first preselected facts. You might need to get familiar with this before you start playing, but once you got it, it's pure fun!

Horsey Racing for Girls (under 10 - over 65)

Phantasy horses that compete in a steeplechase race...real fun!

Click here and let them race!

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Sulky Land

All the excitement of horse racing. Manage the career of your horses.

Start here.

Stay The Distance

Choose your favorite horse upon hints and tips. Then you can just hope, it will win the race :))).

Horse Racing

Dive into the virtual world of horse racing! Determine your horse's breed and raise and train it, then race it. Place your bet and ... you might be lucky?

Steeplechase Racing

It is a rather "realistic" game, where you compete against others. Very easy to play.
Pure excitement guaranteed and the Photo-Finish shows exactly how your team performed.

More Games

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