Friesian Drivingteam

by Friesians4all - Stables
(Groningen, Netherlands)

Drivingteam, 16 hands, 3 years
Sire: lolke
Dam: viona
Registration: FPS
Trained in riding and driving,
Temperament (Scale 1 - 5, where 1= very quiet, 5= not for beginner): 2
Horses' location: The horses are located in the Netherlands. We can help you with transport
Price: Euro 9750
Description of Horse: Several Friesian horses for sale.
Drivingteams , dressagehorses, broodmares etc. just take a look at our website:
Contact: E-mail Address:
City: Ter apel
State/Prov: Groningen
Zip/Postal Code: 9541 HE
Country: Netherlands
Home Phone: 0031621706200


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