A Gypsy Caravan Holiday is an Exciting Adventure

Van Gogh - The Caravans - Gypsy Camp in Arles

A Gypsy Caravan Holiday is kind of an adventure for the whole family!

You can escape every-day life and try something totally new: imagine you and your family living in a Gypsy caravan for a few days, handling a horse and driving through an unspoiled, idyllic countryside.

You can spend a holiday like this for example in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland or Hungary.
Especially in a rural, unspoiled environment you can experience this kind of authentic and mystical Gypsy feeling during a trip.


How does it work?


There are hire-companies that offer you a cozy, fully fitted and very practical Gypsy caravan for the holiday together with usually one horse.

Bow top wagons, made out of wood and stretched canvas are used preferably.
These vehicles are about 5m long (without horse) and approx. 2m wide.
They can weigh up to 750kg.

In most places Irish Cobs or Gypsy draft horses, Norwegian Fjord horses, Haflinger or other, heavy breeds are used, as they are very well tempered, calm and very good with children.
The horse is normally harnessed with a collar harness.


What, if I haven't got any experience with horses and/or driving?


They give you first a thorough introduction into functionality of the vardo and handling and caring for your horse.
So you don't have to be nervous about how to handle the horse, if you are new to this. (You most possibly will enjoy it.)
They explain you how to harness up and put the horse onto the caravan, how to feed and water it, how to groom and how to look after hooves and hoof shoes.


What do I need to bring with me?


Because space is limited in a vardo, you need to bring practical clothing and only gear you really need and don’t forget the wet wear, as especially in the UK and Ireland weather can be quiet unpredictable even during the summer: spells of rain can occur at any time.

Most hire companies give you bedding, but ask you to bring your own towels.
Take also a book or two and some games for the children.
A mobile phone for emergencies is a good idea.
Also, Bank facilities and ATM's are usually not being passed during the trip (the routes are quite well selected and you will travel on calm, more remote roads.)

You will drive along a fix route and check in at selected over night stops, where you will find grazing for the horse, electricity, shower and toilet facilities.


When is the best time to travel? How much will it cost approximately?


Gypsy caravan holiday operations are open from May to September, with a main season in the summer months July - August.

Prices in 2007 were around £500 (£600 in high season) per week and caravan and they will usually ask for approx.10 - 15 % deposit.
There will be surcharges for the compulsory over night stops, which might be between £15-20 per caravan.
You can even book short breaks over 3 - 4 days.

A Gypsy caravan holiday is certainly an adventurous vacation and you will experience life from a totally different point of view, in a slower pace.
You might even want to "prolong" your tour through different countries for a longer time and with your own vardo and horse/s?


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