Harness Parts Explained With Graphics

Learning numerous names of even the smallest harness parts can be a pain sometimes. However, you need to know what you are talking about.


But to be able to talk Whip, you should try to get more familiar with all these names and expressions.
And after all, it will impress not only your friends, you might also get a better deal when buying horse driving tack...

This is a standard driving bridle without a bit. You could use a broad variation of bits and would have to find out which suits your horse best.
Straight Collar Piped Collar
Parts of a Straight Collar Shape of a Piped Collar

See the difference between a straight collar and a piped collar. You may have noticed that there are no hames illustrated on these collars.
Hames are that part of the harness to which the traces are buckled on and the horse is enabled to pull a vehicle or object.

single harness pad

This is the illustration of a Single pad with Back strap, Crupper and Breeching. The Shafts are not outlined in this drawing.

Breast Collar Harness for a Single Horse

See, how it looks like on the horse:

harness-parts 01

Single Breast Collar Harness

harness-parts 002

Breech Assembly

A pair pad is slightly different compared to a single pad.
There are no tugs for fixating the shafts, because both horses are tugged to the pole with a pole chain through the pole chain ring of the collar or breastcollar.

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