Horse Stable Games - A Selection


Horse stable games or barn games are becoming very popular: for any age you can find the right one, they can easily be played online and you can decide, how serious you want to be with it.


A lot of online horse sim games have got an educational "side effect": There are plenty of opprtunitites to learn about jobs within the equestrian industry. You get an impression what it means to keep and care for a horse.


In more advanced games for the mature player you find forums and can chat about the game, you will be able to get insights into equine stable or centre management, economy and of course the professional side of breeding, breaking and riding, buying and selling horses.

All in all, everyone can find a game that suits her/his individual interests.

We can list only a small percentage of SIM, RPG and multiple player games here (there are soooo many of them), but these are "hand picked". You might need to surf around to find the "one" that suits you.

All games are free, but some offer prime-membership for a monthly or yearly fee. They offer you more "benefits".
Luckily enough, the decision is entirely yours and the basic (free) membership lets you test out most modules of a game very well.

Activity horse games for kids have got help pages for parents.
Parents should help their kids with signing up and read terms and conditions and parental advice pages carefully.


Online Horse Stable Games for Kids

Game Age group Membership
Horseland ®junior 6 to 12 free basic
Cabi Girl Horse Adventure 6 to 12 free
PonyIsland +6 free

SIM, RPG and MP Games for Teens and Mature Players

Game Special Info Membership
DownUnderHorseStables Teens/Mature free basic
Fire Eyes Website live, but not very active free
Golden Equine Ranch +13 free
Hay!Land Mature free
Hoofbeat Temporarily under construction, any age free
Horse Isle any age, Flash8 requ. free
Horseland ®World +13 free basic
Horse Lovers Corral any age free
Howrse +13 free basic
Hurricane Farms SIM Horse Club +13 free
My Stable any age free
The Meadow any age free
PhotoFinish any age free
Pony Box parental permission under16 free
Riata +14 free
A Virtual Horse any age free
Virtual Horse Ranch any age free
Whispering Hills Farm Mature free

More Games:

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