Horse Trailer Insurance - What Should Be Included?

Horse Trailer Insurance? -- Do I really need this?

Over 80% of people owning a horse trailer think their trailer or horse box is covered by their car breakdown insurance. Usually you get help, if your towing vehicle and/or horse trailer/box breaks down. But your transported horse is not necessarily included in that insurance cover!

If transporting your horse/s often over far distances it is a very good thing to become a member of a dedicated rescue organization: they make sure, you are recovered by professionals who are knowledgeable about horses and understand the sensible situation you and your horses are in at the time. A downside is, that you most possibly have to pay for a yearly membership.

Best is to buy a specialist breakdown horse trailer insurance for your horse transporting vehicle. Standard trailer insurances do not always automatically include breakdown recovery. But many companies offer this in add-ons. It is worth to check out and compare first carefully policies of different insurance companies, as the level of cover and the service you receive varies from company to company. Take out a cover, which is as comprehensive as possible.

What you definitely need:

  • Full breakdown cover
  • Emergency road assistance
  • Long-distance recovery
  • Home-breakdown for trailer owners

Make sure your policy includes an organized alternative transport for your horse/s in a case of a breakdown, where the horse trailer cannot be repaired. Ask your insurance company, if they assist you with the emergency transportation of your horse/s, in case you require this from the site of breakdown. Enquire about how knowledgeable their partners are with horses.

Also, before you buy, make sure to read the terms and conditions and the small and smallest print and make yourself familiar with:

  • Technical details of the term "recovery"

  • Add-ons and extras (e.g. transport to and overnight accommodation at nearby stables)

  • Emergency veterinary help and farrier availability (will this service be offered?)

  • Restriction on the distance of a "free" tow (can be costly, if you are far from home.)

  • Will you get help regardless of the cost of recovery and the number of breakdowns?

  • Does the cover include an agreement with a tyre agent? (Over 30% of breakdown causes are tyre problems.)

  • Will you need to have a spare wheel for the trailer/horse box?

  • Or will you have to pay for tyres at the roadside? (Can be costly.)

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