My blue eyed friend

by Klaryssa

Blacksmith is my big Friesian stallion with baby blue eyes and a white foot.

He wasn't doing what I was telling him so when I tried to turn him to the left he went right and when I went right he went left.

And when I wanted to go forward he would backup and when I wanted to backup he would go forward.

He was big and healthy and hated the English saddle. So I always had to ride him Western.

Well, my dad knows a photographer and he was really good at it. So he called him up and he came over.

We put the bridle on Blacksmith and I had my white dress on. We went out to the prairie where it was most beautiful and I got up on Blacksmith's back.

I had to lean forward put my feet up on Blacksmith's back, have my hands on the arch of his neck with the side of my head laying on my hands.

He took a few wonderful photos of me and Blacksmith, so that was the best day I ever had with my big baby blue eyed horse, my dad, and the photographer.

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