My Christmas Present

by Anonymus

The sweetest pony on Earth: Lady J

The sweetest pony on Earth: Lady J

At Christmas 2006 I got my first pony. She was the best Christmas present you could ever hope for.
We were researching the internet and I found her on a website called
For me, she is the best horse in the world I could get.
She is very easy to handle and control, even a child can ride her.
My mare's name is Lady J and she is 14.1hh.
She id very handsome and follows me wherever I go. I can trust her and she never lets me down.
I think she is the sweetest pony in the world.


Thanks for this nice story and for your picture from Lady J!
What a generous Christmas present you had!

What riding style do you ride? Do you drive your mare as well?
Do you keep her nearby or in a stable away from your home?
What do you feed her, how often do you groom her?

Please, let us know a bit more, it would be interesting!


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