Play Jigsaw Puzzles Online !

Are you looking to play jigsaw puzzles online ?

We created horse jigsaw puzzles you can play online:

they can be quite tricky and challenging, especially the pictures of equipment's details or carriages.

But there are also easy ones available, and kids will certainly love them.

Our puzzles are all free and you can even send them to your friends.

How do online jigsaw puzzles work?

It's easy! Just choose one of the thumbnail pictures below and click on it with your mouse.
This will open a new window in your browser, where you will see a similar thumbnail pic.
Underneath it you have got the option "Play" and "More".
Click on "Play" and start with your online jigsaw immediately.
A Java applet needs to be loaded by your browser and we found it works better in Opera and IE than in Firefox.
After successful completion, you will be automatically redirected to this page after clicking on "exit".

More games

In addition to these online horse jigsaw puzzles, you could try some physical jigsaw puzzles of various sizes and piece count that you can work at home. Come see the variety of horse jigsaw puzzles that you can buy, or if you prefer themes of jigsaw puzzles other than horses, you can browse through many other jigsaw puzzles.

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