Wide Russia -- Wild Troika Games and Races

A Russian troika is still something "exotic", the term alone implies wild, speedy troika games, wide steppes and the cold, Russian winter: hat with fur- rim, fur garment, felt boots and thick, warm blankets, and a stop for a glass of fine, clear original Russian vodka in front of an antique, wooden chalet.


Troika , the famous Russian horse drawn vehicle means that three horses are put together in a team in a horizontal row in front of a carriage or a sleigh.

The middle horse is supposed to trot, whereas the wing horses are galloping. Their heads are bending to the outside via a special, fixed leather belt. Orlov trotters are preferably used as middle horses: they have got the ability to develop a very speedy, straight trot.


Over the wither of the middle horse a huge wooden part, called "duga”, holds and fixes the shafts to the harness. The wing horses' traces are fixed to the vehicle. They hold splinter bars, which are attached to the outside of each wing horse.

The whip of a troika watches over 4 reins: two for the center horse (left rein in left hand, right rein in right hand) and one outer rein for each of the wing horses in the corresponding hand.



Russian Troika

A troika's design favorites fast speed over wide distances. It was designed for this wide, spacey continent, where poor roads and snow still always rule.

The body posture of the wing horses is problematic, as the horses are forced into an unnatural posture.

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