Vehicle Parts and Where to Find Them on a Carriage

Vehicle parts were developed and improved over hundreds of years and are well approved and practical.
It is amazing to think about the fact that those carriage parts and bits exist a lot longer than our car parts do and yet that they work fine and reliable.

There are a lot of excellent and well-established carriage manufacturing companies with experienced craftsmanship.
They produce high-quality carriages and parts, which are very reliable.

Take a closer look onto a four-wheeled carriage, a Landau, below:

Carriage Parts


And this is how the Landau looks like in real life.
In this carriage the body shape is rounded and appears in a canoe form.
This carriage is named after the Earl of Sefton, for whom Messrs Hooper developed this rounded bodied, lighter Canoe- or Sefton Landau.
In the literature it is mentioned that it can even be used for a single horse, if necessary.
Although this is not an option.

Let's have a look onto a two-wheeled carriage:

Dog Cart

This is a Dog Cart.
It is a rather tall cart and passengers on the rear seat had to be light and lean to maintain the right balance of the whole vehicle.

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