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Wedding Carriage Hire --
Plan Ahead and Make Your Reservation in Time

Where can I find a Carriage Hire Business?

Wedding carriage hire companies can be found in most cities quite easily: query the searchengines or read through local directories, Yellow Pages or business directories.

This is a popular service most wedding carriage hire companies offer nowadays to wedding events. They even travel to event locations; some of them offer their services in a certain region or even anywhere within a state/province (US) or county (UK).

A hire company is best contacted via their website or telephone.Inquire about design, color and size of the carriage used, about the horse/s, if they use a single horse or a pair or maybe a team of four and who will be driving with the vehicle: only the whip or also a groom or two? Safety regulation in the UK make it necessary for a carriage driver to drive with a groom.

Gather relevant information, as it helps you to decide, e.g. if your and your partner's dress and outfit will match well with the style and design of the vehicle.

What are common Carriage Styles?

There are most beautiful designs on horse carriages available:

On a nice day an open landau pulled by a matching pair of horses will contribute to a romantic wedding. Landau and Victorian carriages have broad seating and can transport up to four passengers and the whip and groom. The passenger seats face each other; this is called a vis-à-vis carriage. Other types are layed out for two passengers only...ideal for the bridal pair.

If you prefer more the Disney style of a fairytale carriage, then Cinderella's carriage with a pumpkin-framed cabin will be your favorite. This has become a very popular wedding carriage for hire and you best make your reservation well in time. They need to be booked months in advance!

You should make sure that there will be enough room for your wedding dress when mounting and dismounting the carriage. Also try, if you can get into and leave the vehicle comfortably enough. Remember, you will wear fragile or high heeled wedding shoes! In case the weather is colder than expected, take some warm wedding garment with you for the carriage ride.

Wedding Decoration

Ask about floral wedding decoration: usually professional wedding decorations are included, but these might be quite basic.If you wish to have used your individual and unique wedding decoration ideas, you should tell them exactly what and how you want things done. Be aware that there might be surcharges for these extras and plan it into your wedding decoration budget.

Schedule your Plan and your Expenses

On the other hand you can try to negotiate about the expenses; you might be given a special deal, if the wedding location is not far from the stable or if you marry in an "out-of-season" time during the year.

Plan well ahead, as with all other things to do for a wedding. This gives you the chance to compare companies and prices. Place your reservation in time and be aware that you might need to leave a deposit. This depends on the individual company's policies.

A wedding horse carriage can be hired for just the short trip to the church or as long as for the whole day. You decide, if you want to start off with such a romantic vehicle or if you would prefer to leave the location of your wedding in the end of the day for the beginning of your honeymoon.

Every wedding carriage ride will end sometime and somewhere. You might be lucky and get a wedding carriage hire company that offers a drop off service, but this is still unusual. Secure transportation for yourselves in the end. This might be your own car parked at the end location or ask a friend or relative to collect you and your partner there.

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